App for Android devices, compatible with both tablets and smart phones.
You can use this app to count any countable thing, from inventory items, customers passing and made laps, up to scores and votes.
It records a time-stamp for each count, and values are automatically saved on app exiting and realoaded when the app is launched again.
You can also share your performances.
Usage is quite simple: just use the IN+ and OUT- buttons to increase and decrease your value.
Volume controls and headphones buttons can be used for increasing/decreasing.
Use the RESET button to set the counter to zero.
When pressed, the RESET button automatically turns to an UNDO button. If you press the UNDO button, the counter is restored to the previous value.
Pushing any other button makes the counter to restart from zero.
The app records an hourly activity log.
The main application of tally counters is as people counters. At concerts, stadiums..., a person will stand by the door with a tally counter recording the number of people that enter. At amusement parks, the rides can only hold a certain number of people, so the operator may use a tally counter to keep track of the number of people who get on the ride. They are also used for traffic analysis, scientific research, counting inventory and on industrial lines as well.
Tally counters have also been used in religion to count prayers, often replacing traditional prayer beads. Shri Vidya initiates often use them to keep track of the number of repetitions of the Mula Mantra into which they are initiated. Sikhs may use them to keep track of the number of times they chant the Mul Mantar. Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindus may use tally counters to keep track of the number of times that they chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Initiated devotees are required to chant a certain number of 'rounds' each day, each round consisting of 108 repetitions. your social media marketing partner